From Glory to Glory: Part 1

Theme: My story reveals a relentless and lovingly pursuing God who transforms insecurity, regret, and fear into identity, grace, and victory for His glory and the redemption of others.

Mission: Still being discovered…

We can love our past – even the parts we avoid and regret – only if we understand that our story is written for the benefit of others’ stories in the future. We can truly love our life only when we see our story birth new and more glorious stories. – Dan Allender, To Be Told

I am about to reveal to you my story, well parts of my story at least. We all have a story. It is what has brought us to this moment in time and has shaped who we are today. Our stories are important, although it is not something we think about often. Many of us have never took the time to tell our story, let alone write out our story and search for the theme and meaning that points us to what we are called to be. Before we embark on this journey, let me tell you the reasons that brought me to write and reflect on my own story. I am about to graduate from college with a major in Social Work. I have passions and ideas about what I want to do with my career and where I would like to see my life go but more than anything I want to be obedient and willing to Gods will for my life. I have learned over the years that his plans and desires are so much more grand, unimaginable, and exciting then the plans I would ever create for myself. I want to be able to embrace my story to use it for His glory and for the benefit of others. Are stories are not useless, they are not meant to be hidden or shamed. Our struggles, our victories, our regrets, and our joy are meant to be shared with others to point them to Christ and reveal pieces of his character through our own lives. Finally, there are parts of my story that I still need to allow to be redeemed by the God who has already claimed victory over them. Sounds kind of crazy right? What I mean by this is that, yes as a Jesus Follower, Christ has already redeemed every part of my life when he claimed it is finished on the cross. However, because of my own shame and fear that has come along with parts of my story I have held on so tightly for control. There are pain and regret that I must allow God to redeem and use for his glory. I am writing my story to embrace and love my life. I am writing my story to choose to place my joy in the God who saves and reveal that same God to you. I am writing my story to understand how my innate passions and desires reveal Gods calling in my life. Now before I begin telling my story, let me say that this is not a full disclosure session. I believe that there is discretion and wisdom to be used in revealing out stories. Not everything needs to be told to everyone. Part of writing my story is learning to guard my heart. There are parts of my story that will only be told to those that I feel it will benefit, there are parts that will only be told to the trusted few who will guard and cherish my story, there are other parts that will only be revealed to God himself as he continues to redeem my life and bring me from only glory to the next. However, our story is created to be shared, my desire is to point you towards a God who brings about joy and restoration into the lives of his beloved. Dan Allender says it this way, “Since our stories reveal God, no story is ours alone. All our stories are owned by God and reveal truth; therefore no one has the right to say of his story, “This is to weird, painful, boring, shameful, confusing, or dark; therefore I will bury it.” All our stories are meant to be available for the purpose of revealing God and connecting us to one another. How does your story reveal God? How can you use your life for the benefit of others?

Next week, in From Glory to Glory: Part 2 I will begin to journey through the story that God has carefully written into my life.


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