Why? Are you sure? Okay, but I don’t get it. That’s a big risk. Seems crazy to me….that’s some of the responses I have gotten from family and friends as I have discussed the Seven Experiment and praying about the possibility of moving across the country to the foreign city of Portland, Oregon. How could I leave Tennessee…Why plant a church so far away…How can you leave your family and friends and what you know…Why only eat seven foods and wear seven outfits, it seems so silly and crazy. The answer is simply, the God that I serve is bigger than my own plans and he continuously calls me out of my comfort zones to serve him. He is not just a God in East Tennessee but Lord over all of creation, and he has called me to reach out to the lost and the brokenhearted. (Isaiah 61:1) Yes, I am very capable of doing that in Tennessee and after this next year is over I may find that the Lord is calling me to stay and serve his people here where I already am. But at the end of this year if I find that packing up and moving to the beautiful city of Portland is where I am to go I want to be more than willing. You see, my desires so easily form around my self, what I want, what i’m comfortable with, what I think I need. But time after time God has shown me that my own desires will fail me if he is not the one at the center of them. He has given me these passions and these desires and he knows better than myself what I need when I need it. Ephesians 3:20 says, “Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all we ever ask or think according to the power at work within us.” I don’t want to miss out on the work of the gospel because I chose to let my fears and inadequacies leave me where i’m at. God is doing a great work in his kingdom. While He has given me the freedom to stay here where i’m comfortable and continue to use me, I want to be obedient in His calling,..and to be honest it is really exciting just to think about what the Lord has planned for my life if I just choose to walk in obedience. My prayer over the next year is that my passion and desire for the Lord would be greater than any other desire that I have. Which is what led me to The Seven Experiment. In two weeks I will begin this journey based on eliminating excess from my life and focusing on my relationship with Christ. My hope is that God will use this experiment over the next seven months to transform my heart. May my desire to Him and to be in his word and in prayer transform my heart. May my selfish desires decrease and my desire for him increase above all else. (John 3:30)



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